Composite Services Guidance - CTP2

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Released: Mar 8, 2011
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Application Video 1: Repair and Resubmit
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Application Video 3: Custom Probe Function
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Release Notes


The Composite Services guidance (codename Reykjavik) provides best practices and capabilities for applying industry-known SOA design patterns when building robust, connected, service-oriented composite enterprise applications. These capabilities are implemented as a set of reusable components for analytic tracing, service virtualization, metadata centralization and versioning, and policy centralization as well as exception management, included in this release.

Changes in this CTP release

This CTP release contains reusable source code and samples to illustrate implementation of the following patterns:

Composition Implementation Patterns

• Repair and Resubmit (candidate pattern) – this pattern is implemented in ESB Toolkit 2.0 as part of Exception Management Framework (EMF). This CTP release provides code sample for implementing this pattern with workflow service in Windows Server AppFabric. This sample leverages exceptions web service and pre-build workflow activities for creating fault message and storing it in the EMF database.
• Service Virtualization – implementation of this pattern in this CTP release shows how to expose WCF routing service with custom metadata and use metadata centralization capability.
Inventory Centralization Patterns

• Policy Centralization – this CTP release delivers capabilities for policy centralization and for managing policy definitions and policy assertions in according to WS-Policy specification. The release also includes set of samples to show how to leverage the policy centralization capabilities.
• Schema Centralization – this CTP release includes capabilities for importing and storing XML schemas centrally as well as tracking relationships between them to enforce reuse. The release also includes set of samples to show how to leverage the schema centralization capabilities.
Service and Inventory Governance Patterns
• Metadata Centralization – this CTP release includes persistent store for service metadata for service metadata, including WSDL and ODATA specifications as well as tools for importing metadata and code generation from the service metadata store via inventory web services using MEX and HTTP GET protocols. In addition, service metadata store provides relationship tracking between imported metadata documents, such as WSDL, XML schemas and policies.
• Analytic Tracing (candidate pattern) – this CTP release contains reusable code and samples for implementing analytic using ETW, which include the event collector service, event persistent store and samples that show how to define metrics and customize them. Analytic tracing capability for SOAP services provides flexibility to define service metrics as tracing policies using WS-Policy specification as well as components to emit those events. In addition, event collector service provides extensibility points to customize event processing logic: plugins and event decoders while reusing capabilities for ETW tracing.
• Termination Notification – this CTP includes a sample implementation of this pattern that leverages policy centralization capability.

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